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2009-05-11 05:46 pm

Ocean blue horizon line, can you see your eyes in mine?

In just over 12 hours, I start my 3 month contract with the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, working to coordinate the 1400 volunteers who make the Festival run. I count myself incredibly fortunate: not only have I never really struggled to find work, but I have the privilege of working where I love, in the Arts sector. I get paid to run festivals, and this is pretty amazing.

In 4 days, my wonderful mumma-in-law arrives into town to witness my university convocation; in 9 days, my parents and grand-mother will arrive to share this milestone with me.

In 10 days, I will cross the stage of the Chan Center and be conferred with my Bachelors of Arts degree.

... Life is joyous and juicy.

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2009-05-04 03:58 pm

I'm wearing the same grin, I take it all on the chin

Missed connection this afternoon - meeting my friend with the rainbow hair and her new lover for lunch will have to wait until tomorrow.

I should hear very soon from the graduate program that is still considering my application. They've really gone out on a limb to take a chance on me: accepted my application late, and were prepared to wait on grades and commendations from the professors I worked with this semester to make an admissions decision (as opposed to a quite justifiable and flat-out "no, try again next year" off the bat). All of my grades this term have been outrageously high, and my professors are very happy to throw their support behind me, which is to say: I may very likely find myself in the position of having to decide quite quickly not only whether or not I'm prepared to uproot from my life here to move across the country for a 12-month Masters' program, but if I should pack up Matthew with me, or leave him here to maintain our home-base.

My graduation has officially been approved; my convocation is in just over two weeks. I don't think that even most of the people closest to me can really begin to appreciate what a struggle it was for me to earn my BA, so I won't try to convey that here, but suffice it to say: this is a very momentous milestone for me. My parents and grand-mere are coming into town, as is my mama-in-law (who I'm blessed for an amazing relationship with), to attend the ceremony and celebrate this with me. I'm trying really hard not to get anxious and stressed out by the weight of all of this family coming together, and to focus on the celebration that this is instead. I think I'm going to set out to find a pretty dress and make sure that my toes are yummily pedicured for the occasion.

My first summer course starts tomorrow night. Critical theory - Adorno, Benjamin, Marcuse. Much as my last couple of weeks of Absolutely Nothing on my Plate have been wondrously novel and great (it has been years - years - since I've had so much as a day with nothing looming on me), it's time to create some structure again. Coursework. Should start looking for employment, too.

Matthew has a work meeting this evening that will see him home at around 8 o'clock tonight (I'm a spoiled girl whose fiance is usually home from work by 4, and so this makes me unreasonably cranky); my favourite former lover, the boy who had me fall in love with mixed CDs, has dropped off the face of the earth again (as he's wont to do), so I wasn't exactly expecting a response when I invited him to go sit by the lake and have a beer tonight; and I was in the middle of typing "I'm not holding my breath that that girl I'd been seeing is going to make herself available for the burlesque show plans that we'd had when she said wasn't sure she'd be able to make it" when I received a message from her asking if I was still up for going. So, I guess she and I will be seeing each other tonight after all. (I think this is what a deer in headlights feels like.)