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Je regarde la lumière et puis j'erre dans mes rêves

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Birthdate:Mar 29
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, (states/regions/territories), Canada
I do it for the joy it being, because I'm a joyful girl.

I'm quirky and disheveled, have a brain that's working on dissolving the barrier that I've imposed on it for too long that separates the creative from the analytic, a heart that I sometimes think is too big for my own damn good, a body that loves to move and be moved (once a dancer, always a dancer), and am impulsive to a fault: my journal is pretty much a chronicle/manifestation of all of this.

I've been described as a firebrand.

Working with children has been a very significant part of my life because there's no better way to be reminded each day that "life is joyous and juicy". (Yesterday, I was told I was a "beautiful volcano".) I've taught dance and swimming. I've created connections with children, through water and movement and nannying and daycamps, that have shaped me and my life - and, I trust, theirs.

I've been known to spend a weekend stripped down to my skivvies, painting a lover's bedroom a stunning shade of deep red.

I've just completed my undergraduate degree in English Literature and Critical Studies in Sexuality, and intend to pursue graduate work. I have spent many years training my intellect vigorously, and have achieved academic success. Through this, my artistic core still courses strong through my veins; I'm compelled by music, by paintings and drawings, by movement. My academic endeavors haven't cost me my ability to access heart-space, or silliness, or being moved by the aesthetic: my intellect hasn't compromised my creativity.

I adore my home and the men I've built it with. I have a room of my own. A loft with wonderful skylights. I live less than a block away from a lake (which means water and trees and ducks and a beach and oasis), and a 10 minute walk away from the produce and coffee and beauty and community that is Commercial Drive.

I was raised by parents and a grandmother who worked and sacrificed through their blue-collar lives to ensure that my brother and I had access to a white picket fence suburban childhood: a stay-at-home dad, private school, dance and piano lessons, a trust for post-secondary tuition.

I love easily, completely, and unboundedly: my heart is not a fault; it won't lead me wrong.
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