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If I was compelled to update my FaceBook status to reflect with what's really going in my life and head and heart these days, it would read some amalgamation of:

Sarahrose is ---

-- grateful for too many bottles of wine and intertwined limbs on a blanket by the lake with a boy will always remind me that he carries my heart throughout his vagrancies, and the potential space to explore the lips and heart of a woman I've adored for a very long time.

-- working in an underpaid and overstressed position, but aren't we all.

-- full with dark chocolate and strawberry crepe.

-- amazed by how beauty- and wonder-full it has been to witness the birthing of love between her partner and her good friend, and saddened by the struggle and fear that's caught us up in.

-- maybe going to start learning to hoop tonight, but, then again, is rather in need to some time with her self.
Music:: Mirah - The World is Falling
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Friday Night,
an in-night with R: I'm bringing over cupcakes and beer for snuggling on the couch while we watch Dirty Dancing (he's appalled that I've never seen this movie before).

We've been dating, casually, for a month now; my time with him is always simply delovely. I'm not blown away by sparks, by desire, by that almost-overpowering sense of Connection - at least, not yet, anyway - and that's perfect as-is: he's absolutely rad, and we can talk really comfortably - there's no awkwardness there, you know? Plus, he gives delightful foot-massages.

during the day, Matthew and I are looking at making our way down to Granville Island to meet with the artist that we're commissioning to do our wedding jewelery. M and I both fell absolutely in love with this design when we stumbled upon it in an Etsy shop, and we've decided to work with someone local to create wedding rings with the acorn and oak motif. We're also looking at getting this artist to make me an engagement ring in the same design that would incorporate the stones in my current ring. I'm really excited at the prospect of
then, in the evening, my Second Date with E... Her roommate's throwing a vegan barbeque at their place, and so I'm accompanying E to that. I wrote her this morning suggesting that we take some time to sneak away to the lake that's down the street from my house with a bottle of wine and some ganache-covered strawberries for some one-on-one face-time before we throw ourselves into the gathering...

Our first date... it was magical. I think I can safely say that it was tied for the most heart-blowing first date I've ever been on  -- I was literally speechless with giddiness once we parted after, having lingered over our pitcher for as long as we could get away with. Our goodbye was an incredible, intense embrace and kiss. Here's hoping I can keep my cool --- have I mentioned that girls who I Really Like make me as nervous and awkward as if I was a 16 year old boy?
I'm spending the afternoon with Christy-Belle.
Ah, ma Belle... Tomorrow will mark the one-year of our first meeting. I sat curled up in one of those big overstuffed chairs in a cafe, awaiting her arrival, my nose in a book. I saw her come in my periphery, but I nervously and steadfastly kept my eyes down on the page, unable to make out the words on it. A dear friend wrote me a beautiful piece today, about how my presence in her life has triggered some wonder-ful and huge learnings about female connection -- those floodgates - the discovery of the power, magnititude, and depth - are precisely those which Christy opened up for me when we opened our lives to each other.

And so, on Sunday, Christy and I, we will celebrate: this year of intertwined lives and love, her upcoming birthday, and this glorious summer that's finally been ushered upon us.

I still find my heart sore for her some days, but how could I ever hold her with anything but grace, friendship, gratitiude, and love.

Music:: Alanis Morrissette's cover of King of Pain


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